Our new project in the business center IQ

Our new project soon more photos in the "works"

Kazakhstan Interior Awards 2015

Kazakhstan held a conference and Design Dialogue Prize Kazakhstan Interior Awards. Sent our chief architect Denis in Alma-Ata, and that's our reward already in Kiev!

publishers Braun

Our project is published in the architectural book publishers Braun, proud!  - buy :)

In progress......

The construction of the town of Good Life Park. At the end of the first stage of houses landscaping. Green hills and concrete slabs brought into the territory of the town of a long-awaited finish and comfort.  

International Architecture Competition OKNA.UA

We - one of the winners of the Open international architectural competition OKNA.UA 2015 How to turn an ordinary "five-level building" in a modern building inexpensive? Participants of the Open international architectural competition held OKNA.ua, proved that during the insulation of facades, even with relatively small investments can change the appearance of the city.  

House #2.

Hooray! We finished the project home in GoodLifePark, interior and exterior. More photos, see "works"!